Well, Hello.

So begins my career as a blogger. We’ll see how long it lasts. I’m a technophobe and something of a curmudgeon (the “old lady” of my friend group), so I’ve always thought that blogging, like most internet activities, has the whiff of narcissism about it. But I never claimed not to be a narcissist, so as far as I can see it there’s nothing hypocritical about my starting this blog.


When I was 17 I read a pretty decent book by M.T. Anderson called Feed. It was a dystopian young adult novel (but of good quality) about a hyper-consumeristic, tech-obsessed future society in which everybody has a virtual feed implanted in their skull. A cynical character refused to get the feed back when it was still optional, and now finds himself completely out of the loop, missing out on job opportunities and facing a stalled career due to his early inability to sense which way the winds were blowing.

I identify with that character. I’ve never felt the allure of the internet myself, and I have definite qualms about the increased role technology has in our lives. But I like expressing myself, and I would appreciate a platform, and maybe shouting into the void is better than not shouting at all. I don’t know. But at any rate, I do see which way the winds are blowing, and I figure it’s a good idea to get some blogging practice under my belt. My hope is that this whole thing turns out to be (gasp!) fun.

Reading fiction is my favorite hobby, although I don’t read nearly as quickly as many people I know. I tend to gravitate toward denser novels, and my pace is perhaps a bit slower than average due to my penchant for mentally chewing things over. I’m content with my reading style, and see no reason to change it.

I plan to post book reviews, as well as occasional waffling on literary or cultural topics. If a human being is reading this (unlikely), then I encourage him or her or them to post book suggestions. Believe me, if you go to the effort of typing words into the box below, then I will be so flattered and surprised that I will absolutely read and review whatever the hell you request. I’m looking forward to hearing whether or not the void shouts back.

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash