About Me

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Hi, I’m Miranda: just another bookworm giving blogging a go. I’m a bit curmudgeonly and have always thought that blogging (or most internet activities, for that matter) has a whiff of narcissism about it. But I never claimed not to be a narcissist myself, so I can’t be accused of hypocrisy.


I have a lot of thoughts about literature as a medium, about reading as an act, and about our culture as a whole. Sometimes these thoughts demand an outlet. But I’m only one of seven billion people, so I encourage anyone reading this to join the discussion.


In this blog, I plan to post:

  • Spoiler-free reviews of recent or not-so-recent books.
  • More in-depth literary reflections. (I’ll always include spoiler alerts!)
  • General thoughts on the role of literature in our culture.
  • Literary favorites and recommendations.


On genre:

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I read mostly novels, although I do try to expand my horizons with the occasional short story collection, book of poetry, or nonfiction work.

When it comes to novels, I take issue with the standard taxonomy. I try not to let genre limit my reading, and am open to high-quality literature of all labels. What constitutes high quality? The way I see it, a great novel embraces complexity, encourages critical thinking and contains a sense of beauty. As long as these elements are present, I’m a satisfied reader.

If you’re interested, check out my full rant on genre.